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Information Disclaimer


The information given by the Birmingham Kennel Club, Inc. to its members, pure-bred dog sport participants, and all other members of the public is given as a service to these populations in an effort to pass along information that may be found pertinent or useful to such people and their dogs. 

BKC believes such information to be true and correct to the best of its knowledge, however BKC cannot and does not guarantee information posted.  BKC is in no way liable for the information posted on its website or information otherwise disseminated in its name.

Regarding breeder referrals,BKC does not recommend or endorse any breeders named in response from breeder referral.  The BKC Breeder Referral chair, nor BKC, makes no guarantee of quality of any breeder and is not responsible in any way for ensuing results of your contact with breeders or other people referred to you by BKC.

Regarding training referrals and training classes, BKC does not endorse or recommend any specific obedience trainer, handling teacher, training method, or set of classes.

BKC assumes no liability for information given by its members in the name of BKC, nor is it liable for the actions of its members acting in an official capacity for BKC. 

A person's membership in BKC does not infer any particular level of quality of such a person's dogs or breeding stock, nor his or her knowledge of dogs, including the dog sport. 


This page was last updated 01/14/2014