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Breeder Referrals  

Looking for a specific breed of dog in the Greater Birmingham, AL area?  There may be a BKC member with the very breed!  Contact our Breeder Referral Chair, Chris Young, with the breed you are looking for. 

Please realize that we are not a placement service.  We request the above information to help us in directing

you to helpful sources and possibly names of breeders with the breed and type of dog you are looking for.  Be

sure to check with your desired breed's "parent club" too! 

Want a pup, but aren't sure what breed is right for you or just want to see what all is out there? 

Already have a dog you want to learn more about?  

  • Visit the "parent club" website of the breed.  Click here to go to the AKC parent club pages.
  • Correspond with BKC for answers to your questions, no matter how simple or silly they seem!.

This Page Last Updated 01/14/2014