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Click here to contact Deborah and Martha for more information on times, class levels, and fees.  

Conformation, or "handling" classes are meant to teach you how to show your dog in conformation, or "breed" competition and are not the same thing as obedience classes. 

 Class will be held at the Irondale Community School in Irondale, Alabama 

Their address is:   225 16TH Street South

Irondale, AL  35210 

Here is their website for map and directions

We will be holding the class in the gym.  We believe the area inside is big enough to work the large dogs and smaller dogs simultaneously, and we plan to put down one long strip of matting inside so they can stay used to the feel of the mats under their paws as they stand for examination.  

Where: Irondale Community School

225 16TH Street South

Irondale, AL  35242

When:  Tuesday Evening

  From  6:00 PM -7:00 PM

  Everyone must be out of the building by -7:15


Instructor:  Various. below.


BKC Members

$40 per year

Non-BKC Members

$50 for 7 week card or $10 per session

How the 7 week cards work:  You purchase a card and each time you attend, one of the seven boxes on your card will be punched.  Attendance does not have to be consecutive.

Directions to Irondale Community School:

  • Click here to be taken to the Irondale Community School website,  scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the map in the right bottom corner.   It will bring the map up and you can enter your address for exact directions to the facility.


Please be sure to clean up after your dog both inside and out of the building.  Place all waste in the dumpster.

Failure to do so may cause us to lose the facility.

Questions?  E-mail BKC Handling Classes!

We look forward to seeing you and your dog at classes!!!

This page was last updated on:  03/2/2017